Pension Automatic Enrolment


Under Automatic Enrolment all employers will be required by law to automatically enrol their workers into a qualifying pension scheme and apply pension contributions to their pay. This includes Payroll Services Companies (Umbrella Companies).

From January 2014 we began to enrol all our employees into our contractual enrolment scheme, provided by Scottish Widows.

Our pension scheme with Scottish Widows represents a far better option than the Governments standard NEST (National Employment Savings Trust) scheme, offering a far superior product to our employees whilst more than meeting our obligations as an employer under Automatic Enrolment.

What does it now mean to you the contractor?

We will automatically enrol employees into our contractual enrolment scheme when they join us. Everyone will have the option to cease membership of this immediately if they wish, although our scheme does benefit from extremely low rates as well as being entirely portable.