Income Protection


Do you insure your TV?
Do you insure your phone?
Do you insure your pet?
Do you insure your jewellery?

Do you insure your income?

Protecting your income should be very high on peoples agenda, especially if you’re self-employed or contracting, but it is often overlooked.

If you think logically, without your income you can’t afford to pay for your TV insurance, your phone insurance, or any of the other insurances, let alone food, rent, or loan repayments. The state benefits are unlikely to provide adequate support if you were off work due to accident or illness, so you could quite quickly find yourself in financial difficulty.

Solutions can be put in place for any budget or scenario. Something is always better than nothing, so if you would like a free consultation or quotation please get in touch with your account manager who will introduce you to Dave Gilbertson. Dave is a fully regulated financial adviser and he is independent from us, he provides whole of market advice to make sure you are offered the best possible solutions.