Services for Businesses & Agencies


We are a specialist CIS Payroll Service Provider, also offering a PAYE (employment-based) Payroll Service. We are based in the UK and all our workers are employed by us and their pay is subject to HMRC deductions for CIS, PAYE and National Insurance where required.  We want to get to know you, how you work and what you and your candidates need.  We work with businesses / agencies and contractors across a broad spectrum of industry sectors to add as much value as we can, where we can.

We offer:

  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly or monthly pay options
  • Full employment rights for PAYE workers
  • Full insurance cover for all our workers (Public Liability, Employers Liability, Professional Indemnity).

We are compatible with:

  • Managed Service Company Legislation
  • Agency Workers Regulations
  • Pension Automatic Enrolment
  • HRMC consultation on false self-employment
  • IR35

Working with you:

  • Secure joining process
  • Contracts exchange and signature in minutes
  • Helping to represent you in the best way through comprehensive on-boarding and ongoing support.

Operational flexibility to fit in with you:

  • Master Vendor Agreements
  • Data receipt (from simple timesheets to imports)
  • Batched or individual invoicing?

The more your candidate understands, the better things work and the happier they will be.  That’s good for them, good for you and good for us.