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Mysolvo is a PAYE employment-based Payroll Services Company providing employment to you while you work as an independent contractor under temporary contracts.

Working for Mysolvo Payroll gives you freedom to move between contracts, agencies and clients with one fixed employer looking after your rights and processing your tax and national insurance.

Our team has close relations with numerous businesses and recruitment agencies and we will take the time to talk you through how we work with your business or agency and how we can help you. Whether you are new to contracting or an old hand, we are the very best people to explain exactly what we do, how it works and if it’s right for you.

Talk to us about your options and whether a Payroll Services Company is the right choice for you as an individual. If it is we will explain exactly what we need from you to get you started and what you should then expect from us. If it is not the right solution for you we will discuss what we believe to be the best option for you and if necessary we will refer you to the right people to look after your needs. Our experts will then discuss those needs and if required assist or deal with the set-up (if required) of your own limited company, deal with the administration of this and the weekly, monthly and yearly administration of this as required, including your tax return.